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Workshop on Maritime Security Sector Governance (MSSG): The Role of Security Sector Actors in East Asia - Shared screen with speaker view
sound is too low
Rohit Karki
Dear all, here is the link to the website suggested by Prof. Tim: http://www.safeseas.net
Scott Edwards
Hi everyone, if you have any questions as we go along please do write them here, and we can begin collecting questions for the Q&A (though these can, of course, be asked live).
Jay Tarriela
Just to correct a particular point, the historical claim of China in proclaiming its 9-dash line claim in the South China Sea was already invalidated by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in 2016, I beg to differ on the claim of Capt Shichen Tian that China is just asserting its jurisdiction over its adjacent waters. I would like to borrow his phrase the entire South China Sea is hundred miles away from China. Thank you.
Scott Edwards
Hi everyone, please do write down any questions here or raise your hand - will try and spot everyone
Shichen TIAN
Excusing me for a minute if there is any questions throwed at me are not answered. My child is causing trouble for me and I have to first use police power to make it safe.
Scott Edwards
Good luck! Thank you for letting us know
Shichen TIAN
I appreciate all the questions given to me, thank you very much and look forward to discussions tomorrow.
Tim Edmunds
Thank you everyone. Great questions and discussion.
Dave Thomas
Thank you all.